Torarica Country Club

Did you ever wonder what the benefits of a TCC-membership are and what it’s like to be a part of the Torarica Country Club?  Within the Torarica Country Club we now offer 3 packages, namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold. One of the things which differentiates these packages is the period of validity. All three arrangements offer a variety of discounts on our services, such as room, food & drinks, banquet facilities and use of the cabanas. The discounts and benefits depend on your choice of package. Two of the benefits which all three packages offer are: use of all Resort facilities such as sauna, the hot tubs, the swimming pool, the tennis courts, the fitness center, and free parking.

To those people who want to become a member but want to have their own personalized and unique package, we also offer double or single package options. This means that you can make your own package based on your own preferences. With the double option, you are allowed to choose two of your favorite facilities and with the single option, you may choose one facility.

Do you hesitate to become a member of the Torarica Country Club because you have a family of four or more people who all want to become a member? Don’t hesitate any longer: especially for families of between four to six people, we offer a special family arrangement, consisting of the same benefits as the individual packages.

In case you want more information about the TCC membership, feel free to call with the TorWellness desk at the number 471500 extension 5263.




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